Outer Cape Christian Church

Who We Are

       Who we are: We are an evangelical, New Testament church that seeks to bring glory to God in everything that we say and do.  We believe that it is our privilege to share the claims of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and to live out the principles of the gospel in our everyday lives.   We recognize that we are a redeemed people living in a fallen world. Therefore, we are committed to affirming each other in our struggle to be set free from our sin.  

     Who are we?  I think this question is best answered by people who have attended our worship services and have made the following 3             observation about Outer Cape Christian Church. 

     1. We are a people who worship God in Spirit and in truth.  Because of that, there is a deep sense of the Spirit’s presence during worship.

     2.We are a people who are faithful to the Word of God.  The truth of God’s word goes forth Sunday after Sunday, and that truth embraced and         lived out by the people who hear it. 

     3.And we are a people who value fellowship.  The friendliness and concern of God’s people at Outer Cape Christian Church is no more evident          that when we are fellowshipping over food and drink after a service. 

We look forward to worshiping, sharing God’s Word, and fellowshipping with you soon.

May God Bless You!